What year and where was Aptose incorporated?

Aptose was originally incorporated in 1986 in the Province of Ontario, Canada under the name RML Medical Laboratories Inc. (RML). In 1991 RML merged with Mint Gold Resources Ltd. to become a reporting issuer in Ontario. In 1992 RML changed its name to IMUTEC Corporation and in 1993 the common shares of IMUTEC began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange. In 1992, the Company changed its name to IMUTEC Corporation, in 1996 to Imutec Pharma Inc. and in 1998 to Lorus Therapeutics Inc. (Lorus). In 2006, Lorus continued under the laws of Canada.

In 2007, Lorus completed a plan of arrangement and corporate reorganization with, among others, 4325231 Canada Inc. (now Global Summit Real Estate Inc.) and formerly Lorus Therapeutics Inc. (Old Lorus). As a result of the plan of arrangement and reorganization, among other things, each common share of Old Lorus was exchanged for one common share of Lorus and the assets (excluding certain deferred tax assets) and liabilities of Old Lorus were transferred, directly or indirectly, to Lorus and/or our subsidiaries. We continued the business of Old Lorus after the arrangement with the same officers and employees and continued to be governed by the same directors as Old Lorus.

As of August 29, 2014, Lorus changed its name to Aptose Biosciences Inc.

On what stock exchanges is Aptose listed?

Aptose’s shares are traded on the NASDAQ Capital Market (NCM) under the symbol “APTO” or on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol “APS”.

How can I obtain information on Aptose’s latest results?

Results for Aptose are available on this website under the ‘Investors Tab’

When is Aptose’s fiscal year end?

Aptose’s fiscal year ends December 31.

Who is Aptose’s transfer agent?

Aptose’s transfer agent is Computershare Investor Services, and they can be contacted at www.Computershare.com.

Where should I call with questions about Aptose?

You can contact our Investor Relations contact at the email address in this website, or call our office at 647-479-9828

How does someone buy Aptose stock?

Contact your broker. He or she would be happy to help you.

What are the Global Summit shares I see on my statement and what can I do with them?

The shares of Global Summit were distributed to Aptose shareholders in 2007 as described above as part of a plan of arrangement. Aptose does not have any ongoing relationship with Global Summit and you should contact them directly with questions you may have.